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Date Lab: Rob and Megan

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Washington post date lab

Spokane - Cameo Catering Event Facility - Mysterious noises, levitations primarily in the basement of assorted objects. McChord Air Force Base - A C transport aircraft assigned there was used to transport the bodies back from Jonestown Jim Jones Maintenance personal experience hearing voices and footsteps. Movies turn off by them selves in theater numbers 2, 9, and 17 for no apparent reason. No matter how much work they do on the elevator, it always breaks. Also a fisherman reported seeing the pale corpse of a girl who drowned and was never found, is said to be seen floating 4 feet under water on the south side of the lake in the early morning. Seattle - Nathan Hale High School - Apparently, a long time ago someone was raped in one of the halls in this school. Pullman - Washington State University - Steven's Hall - In the basement of one of the only female dorm houses left, it is said that a girl was staying in the basement illegally during the summer. Burien - Lakeside Milam Treatment Center - a young boy who was in treatment there hung himself several years ago. There is a story that a young male student at Burnley committed suicide and since then his spirit has haunted the building; mostly moving objects -- pushing them off shelves, etc. Washington post date lab

Washington post date lab

Washington post date lab

Washington post date lab

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  1. Girls and women reported seeing figures in a bathroom by the cafeteria. Granger - Cherry Hill - There is an old legend which describes a tale regarding a young woman and her son traveling the narrow road on Cherry Hill when she lost control of her car and ventured over the side of the steep cliff.

  2. Spokane - Carlyle care center - people have reported seeing shadowy figures and multiple electronic disturbances.

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