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Whip It - Review

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Whip it rotten tomatoes

At the end of the showing I went to on Friday night, the audience — mostly made up of groups of women and girls — cheered. She writes: The people who have seen it love it. Although she was primarily a screenwriter, a friend of hers introduced her to her book agent, Steve Malk, who loved the idea. From her Wiki page: Maybe some of it is about how women's sports is treated in the culture? Here's what's weird: I like to think it's going to live on cable and on DVD and at slumber parties, and even before it leaves theaters, it may make a few more bucks on word of mouth. Whip it rotten tomatoes

Whip it rotten tomatoes

Whip it rotten tomatoes

Whip it rotten tomatoes

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  1. Oh, and Kristen Wiig is hilarious. Not only is it touching and funny and a rollicking good time, but it's a movie that rarely finds its way to the multiplex — it's a sports movie about a team of women, it's got a cast chosen mostly for suitability and not perceived hotness, and it's warmly funny but almost wisecrack-free.

  2. Forging friendships and breaking bones, she goes forth in this new and exciting area. What this says to me is that [the marketers] didn't figure out how to get the young girls who live the "girl power" lives.

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