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Sensual pics!

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Sexy Romantic Kissing Couples

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Sexual couples pics

The app allows couples to search through thousands of intimate activities individually and swipe yes or no to indicate interest. It was the first 'date night' we had in a long time. I was having health problems that caused some weight gain and Cameron [who was transitioning from female to male] hadn't had his top surgery yet, so I wasn't sure how being this intimate with another person not only present, but capturing these moments on film, was going to go. Of course, we have tons of cute photos together but nothing like this. After the clothes came off and the weed kicked in, we got used to it. A last-minute hotel room? That can be hard. I really think it was a turning point for us in how comfortable we were with sharing our bodies with each other more openly. Expect some pelvic thrusts. Sexual couples pics

Sexual couples pics

Sexual couples pics

Sexual couples pics

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  2. We loved it. The app also has a messaging function to chat and share photos with your partner, and a log to track your orgasms over time with the Oh-Dometer. UnderCovers eliminates the anxiety of talking about your kinkiest desires face-to-face so you can skip straight to the fun bits.

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