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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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38 Warning Signs of a Covert Narcissist

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Warning signs of a narcissist

They are preoccupied with fantasies about their superiority to others. Needs constant praise and admiration. So they continue to manipulate and string along those who have been able to break free in the past. As a person in recovery who has been personally affected on numerous levels by these topics, it is a passion of mine to help reach out to those who may be struggling, as well as to educate the public and break stigmas. Narcissists are often deeply ingrained in high risk tasks or dangerous behavior: But if you see a lot of them, it's best to sit up and take notice. This keeps you under their tight control. They also begin triangulating their victims. Warning signs of a narcissist

Warning signs of a narcissist

Warning signs of a narcissist

Warning signs of a narcissist

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  1. We have our radar out for danger— the kind where predators might mug us on the street or jump out from behind bushes as we walk across a parking lot and attack us. They need your self-esteem low and your self-doubt high. They flirt with a person by complimenting something about them during the course of a conversation to let them know they are attracted to them.

  2. It's more like a war of attrition on your will than an outright assault on your freedom.

  3. They will find ways to take something you wanted to do and make it less appealing than what they wanted, or guilt you into agreeing by making you out to be selfish and uncaring of their needs. They will often find a way to add it to the conversation as part of the script if they are the ones talking or as a way to commiserate with you on something if you have been the one talking. Psych Central.

  4. They only want to associate and be associated with other high-status people, places, and things. The sooner you realize you have a parasite, the less damage it is able to do.

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